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About Us

Diamant LLC is a new, innovative jewelry retail company established in 2020 who works with craftsmen specializing in unique European jewelry design. We strive to share these beautiful designs in the US to bring joy into your life. This collaboration yields a new line of jewelry that is fresh and new to the jewelry market.

We decided to develop this line of jewelry so that you can express your innermost self and soul. Our products can express that inner self and can also make a beautiful gift for a significant person or important event. Our jewelry combines refinement of style, sophistication, and artistic value.

Having our own design studio and timely tracking of the fashion trends of the jewelry world, we produce a wide range of sterling silver jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Some pieces are inlaid with diamond-like cubic zirconia or colored like semi-precious stones such as sapphire blue.

We offer a wide range of jewelry on our website that will continue to feature new designs with regular updates of new jewelry concepts and trends as they evolve. In 2021, we will also launch a customizable line of jewelry for the artisan in you!

Our soul in every product.