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5 interesting facts about silver

Over its long history, silver has been noted for a considerable number of interesting facts. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some information about this metal, so that you can share new knowledge with your family and friends.

Fact 1. Silver Country - Ag (Argentina)

In South America, there is a state that was named after silver - Argentina. Who would have thought that the discoverer of today's Argentina, Sebastian Cabot, would have dreamt of mountains of silver, which in fact did not exist. Cabot spread these rumors so successfully that they were picked up by numerous people. Since the Latin name for silver is "Argentum", it was decided to name the territory in the south of the South American continent, Argentina.

Fact 2. Silver in our human bodies

The human body contains 0.02 mg of silver per kilogram of weight. In the brain, skin, adrenal glands, and liver, the concentration of this metal is even higher. During the day, a person receives on average 0.1 mg of silver through food.

Fact 3. Silver in medicine

Since ancient times, mankind has known the healing properties of this noble metal for it's disinfecting properties. That is why it is customary to make silver cutlery as a way to make food and water “healthier” for consumption.

Fact 4. The # 1 silver miners' country

Before the discovery of the New World, the countries' leaders in the silver mining industry were constantly changing. After the development upraise in America, Mexico took the lead, and Peru and China were not far behind. In addition, we would like to note that the world's silver reserves are estimated at 505 thousand tons.

Fact 5. The use of silver in food

Silver is rarely added to food supplements, but it does happen in very small quantities. If you look up the E174 in the product description, then you can be sure that this product contains some silver.

There are a lot of interesting facts about silver that not all people have heard. We want to note that the information about metals is not only scientific, but also is a fascinating story with many interesting facts to share!