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How to take care of your silver jewelry

Silver is one of the most popular jewelry materials! But it needs careful maintenance. Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, how do I clean my favorite silver earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants? Well, we are happy to share some useful maintenance information with you!

How do I care for my silver jewelry?

For proper care, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

  • Silver jewelry should be stored in soft bags or a in box in a dry and dark place
  • Every time you wash your hands, remove your rings to avoid the metal being exposed to water
  • Rinse jewelry in warm, running water approximately once a month
  • Lastly, wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth (e.g., microfiber)

How do I clean my silver jewelry?

Cleaning silver jewelry does not require special knowledge, skills, or tools. Below we have a list of some effective silver cleaning methods:

  • Rinsing the jewelry in warm tap water, followed by wiping with a thick cloth soaked in alcohol should remove all the dirt accumulated on the surface. After disinfection, it is important to re-rinse the jewelry and dry it. This method is not recommended for cleaning silver jewelry with glue attached inserts; however, our jewelry’s inserts are done by professional craftsmen through putting pressure on the material surrounding the inserts, not glue! So clean away :)
  • You may also use jewelry cosmetics such as soaked napkins, liquids, and polish substances. This method is preferable in cases when the jewelry has complex structures and elements, such as ours. This cleaning method is mainly used for complex stains.

These cleaning methods will keep your jewelry shiny and new. If you are experiencing any problems with cleaning your jewelry, you can always find jewelry maintenance services or Internet resources for assistance.

What do I need to be aware of when wearing silver jewelry?

  • Cosmetics, medicines, ointments, perfumes, and household chemicals have a negative effect on silver. Make sure to use these products only if they are safe for silver (you can check labels and descriptions on the bottle or internet)
  • High air humidity causes plaque formation on the silver, which can make your jewelry appear dull
  • During physical activity, your jewelry can also lose its shine faster due to your sweat

In general, we advise you to be kind and careful with your jewelry. Try to keep track of your accessories' condition, so that they always remain the perfect complement to your look.