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Silver or Gold?

When choosing your perfect piece of jewelry, we have all had to think about the ages old question: silver or gold? But in order to competently answer this question, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Of course, it is absolutely essential to account for your own personal preferences of materials and color schemes. Additionally, it is also important to think about metal allergies; however our sterling silver at here at Diamant should NOT cause any metal allergies as our silver is of the highest quality! It is also interesting to think about societal factors that could influence your choice as well.

For example, silver jewelry may be preferable to gold in cases when:

  1. You may want to portray a more subtle, elegant look rather than a more ostentatious vibe when wearing gold.
  2. You would like a pure, simple yet very versatile metal for use in multiple settings. Really, you don’t need an occasion to wear our silver jewelry. You’ll always have a successful clothing combination.
  3. Silver jewelry is suitable for daily use at work and during leisure time.

It’s also important to note that silver jewelry is often more affordable at any age, both in terms of use and in price. After all, when choosing jewelry, your focus should remain on how the jewelry makes you feel! Do you enjoy aesthetics? Does the jewelry make you feel happy and confident? Does it showcase your inner beauty? Do you like how the jewelry makes you feel?

Now, this is definitely a lot to keep in mind! But perhaps as you contemplate these ideas, you’ll be better prepared to answer the question, silver or gold.