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What are the samples of silver?

When identifying the chemical properties of silver, silver is a ductile and viscous material when compared to other metals. As a result, it is easy to polish. To fix the shape of the jewelry, a chemical combination with metals such as copper, platinum, nickel or zinc is used. Specified types of materials are injected into the alloy, which, as a result, can have several results – samples of silver.

Types (grades) of silver product samples:

800 sample (19K)
A low quality alloy with a yellowish tint. It is most often used in the production of coins (fiat currency). Over time, the instruments of the specified sample loses its physical properties.

830 test (20K)
Cutlery and some decorative items are made from this sample as it is a cheaper option to manufacture and purchase.

875 standard (21K)
Cutlery, figurines, and the less expensive silver jewelry can be made of this samole. In terms of its properties, the 875 is better than the 830 standard, but not as optimal as the 925 standard. Whenever possible, try to invest in at least 925 sterling goods.

925 standard (22K)
This is the standard silver fineness for all silver jewelry. The content of copper in this material is 7.5%, therefore, the stability of the material allows it to be used in everyday life (jewelry).

960 sample (23K)
This is an alloy for the manufacturing of more expensive items, and is most often used in decorative pieces. The composition contains 4% copper. Generally, this alloy is not used in jewelry as it is not very cost-effective.

999 standard (24K)
Pure silver. This is considered to be the top standard in the manufacture of silver items. This sample can be used in the production of expensive tableware and super high end jewelry. The content of impurities in this sample is < 0.1%.

In conclusion, it is important to note that at least 925 sterling silver should be preferred when buying silver jewelry. This grade optimal in terms of price/quality ratio. If you are interested in buying a more expensive and high-quality product, then feel free to give your preference to jewelry of 965 and 999 assay value and contact us for our custom made items.